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~Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki ~
Best good luck experience

Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki

”Best good luck experience”

This is a “best good luck experience” that imitates a dragon ascending to the heavens and descending to receive a Nyoi Bouju (a wish-fulfilling jewel). The course of action climbing the mountain, obtaining the “Ryu no negaidama”, and descending from the mountain to dedicate it to a shrine or a temple is modeled after a dragon rise to the sky, grabbing a wish-fulfilling jewel there, and descending back down with it. Note that the dragon god is called “Ryujin” in Japan. In the East, they are worshipped as sacred with great power by people and they are enshrined as the gods. Their appearance has the serpent-like body shape and no wings, but they still have ability to fly.
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki

What means “Ichiryu-manbai”?

“一龍(粒)万倍 (Ichiryu-manbai) ” means that if you sow “一粒 (single grain of seed)”, it will yield “万倍 (ten thousand times as much)” grows to a very large size. It is a metaphor for the fact that a small amount of something can grow to become a very large amount. In Japanese, 龍 (Dragon) and 粒 (grain) are the same in reading , so the letter called “龍” is being used as a “粒” substitute characters (phonetic equivalent). Japanese have the culture which kanji used for its reading without regard to its meaning, called a phonetic equivalent. For example, using auspicious characters instead of Kanji originally used.
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
1st step.Buy a ”Ryu no Negai-dama”
You can buy a “Ryu no Negai-dama” (a charm to put your wish) at Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park or Amanohashidate View Land. The color of the string attached to the charm and the place of the dedication differ depending on what you wish for. Please select the charm which fits your wish. For more information, please ask at the sales counter.

Price with tax: 1000JPY *It includes experience guide Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki*Click to display an enlarged view of this illustration.
2nd step.Put your wishes on the paper
Choose one of the wishes listed below and put your wish, full name and address on the paper. The explanations about wishes below are listed in the same color letters as the strings on each charm. These colors are assigned according to the content of each wish. Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
3rd step.Make a wish while doing “Matanozoki” with “Ryu no Negaidama” in your hand.
“Matanozoki” is the way turning your back to Amanohashidate and bending down and looking it from between your legs. Viewed in the Matanozoki way, the sky and the earth look upside down, making Amanohashidate look just like a bridge across the sky. Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki*Click to display an enlarged view of this illustration.
4th step.Dedicate “Ryu no Negai-dama” to the shrine or the temple
The place of the dedication differs depending on what you wish for. Please refer the lists of “2nd step”

Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
5th step.Stamp a commemorative seal
Please stamp the commemorative seal on the paper shown on the right and take good care of it and bring it home. (This figure appears to the right of the text on a computer, but above the text on a smartphone.)
All steps have now been completed. May you find much happiness!

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Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki
Ichiryu-manbai Matanozoki

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