Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park


Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park

Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park

Kasamatsu Park

Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park is located to the north of Amanohashidate. It has long been known as a great spot overlooking Amanohashidate. The view from this park looks like a dragon rising to the sky. The view of a dragon rising to the sky is considered to be a very auspicious scene in Japan. Many People get on a bench for the Matanozoki way of viewing at the observatories at this park by bending down and looking at Amanohashidate from between their legs. Viewed in the Matanozoki way, if you look at the sky and the earth upside down, Amanohashidate looks just like a bridge across the sky. This park is located in Fuchu on the other side of Monju and at a height of 130 meters above sea level. You can go to this park by cable car or chairlift. There is also a restaurant with a good view at this park.

Fare Table

Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park
Cable car and Chairlift (to Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park)
For adults660
For elementary students330


Cable car
Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park Cable car

* It might be canceled due to the weather

Business HoursDeparture time
December to February8:00am to 4:30pmThe cable car leaves every 15 minutes.
March, November8:00am to 5:00pm
April 1 to October 318:00am to 5:30pm
July 1 to July19
August 21 to August31
July 20 to August 208:00am to 6:00pm
Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park Chairlift

* It might be canceled due to the weather

Business Hours
March to November9:00am to 4:00pm
December to FebruaryNo service


Amanohashidate-kasamatsu Park
75 Ogaki Miyazu-shi Kyoto Prefecture 6292242, Japan
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